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Tuxedo Long Tail Unisex


The length of the tails makes this a powerful fashion piece for both MEN and WOMEN. Sexy and CLASSY.

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Product Description

New Years COOL, the sassy nature of this tuxedo is for all seasons!

Worn with a sparkle top and jeans, this young lady shows off the versatility of the jacket. It has no closure in the front which favors it as a women’s wear item.  Meant to be a man’s waistcoat it can be dated to the 50’s and is certainly DECO in feel. The men’s tailoring expertise is found in the inner pockets, the lining, the lapels, the perfectly placed darts and the secret pockets in the tails. (see pics).

It measures a liberal 16″  across the shoulders. From armhole to armhole it is 19″ flat and would easily fit a 38″ chest or bust. Since it opens up, the bust size is flexible. The sleeves are 18″ from armhole to cuff. From neckline to tip of tail is 43″.  The model is small to medium.

It is missing one button on one sleeve and has some wear on the front lapels (pics). It seems that the fabric wear might be due to the aging of a particular kind of fabric that makes up the ottoman satin lapel as no other wear is found in the garment. The hidden pocket in the lining of the tail has a water stain in the muslin fabric.

Very good condition.