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Italian Carpet Box Purse

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Classic carpet purse is casual and classy! A slight gold shimmers in the fabric.  SUPER STYLE.

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Moss green, pink and cream are the colors that comprise the 100% cotton carpet fabrication of this lovely purse.  From the classic box silhouette, I estimate this purse to be more 60’s than 70’s but can easily be an early 70’s collectible.  A tag inside reads “Made in Italy 100% Cotton” and the interior is a soft bengaline fabric in pinkish gold.  Two pockets adorn each side.  Shows some vintage wear but still has a long life ahead of it.  The purse measures 10″ X 6″ X 4″.  A zipper encloses the purse with two handles cleverly attached to the purse with goldtone hardware.  There is a slight gold thread that runs through the fabric that enhances the brocade.  Very Italian!

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