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60’s Hippy Peace Sign Silk Scarf by Ray Strauss


The peace sign was- and still is- a symbol of ethics and social consciousness. Truly an iconic representation of the politically and socially charged 60’s. Coolness all the way!

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Product Description

I bought this scarf because it was the most powerfully iconic representation of the 60’s that I had ever seen. Wearing it, made me feel that I could change the world!

The peace sign was- and still is -a symbol of ethics and social consciousness. Designer Ray Strauss emerged in the fashion scene in the early 60’s and his scarf designs reflected the strong attitudes of the era. The excellent quality of his collections and the eccentricity of the designer is shared by the Vintage Fashion Guild in an ad that appeared in 1969:

Ray Strauss scarves: the imaginative designer, Mr. Strauss, will be here tomorrow. (He’ll be the gentleman in our Scarf Shop with the handle-bar mustache.) His scarf colors and fabrics are superb. And what he does with fringes and polka dots lifts the Strauss scarf out of the ordinary.”

Made of silk and measuring 10 1/2″ X 70″ is a long scarf with the iconic peace sign image rendered in traditional red white and blue. Very Andy Warhol-like. No stains. Barely worn. Excellent condition.